Parable of the sower

The parable of the sower is Jesus’ attempt to explain why people may not respond even after we have repeatedly witnessed to them. According to Jesus, a lot of things can go wrong. People reject the gospel for so many different reasons. If we want to be effective in our evangelism, we need to be specific in our efforts and prayers. The more specific our prayers are, the more effective they will be. Below are just some of the reasons why people may not believe and what we can do to counter that.

1. The person does not understand. Perhaps he has chosen to close his eyes. Or it may be the devil who has blinded him. We can pray that God will remove the blindness from his eyes and help him to understand. Or we may pray that God will grant us the wisdom so that we can explain the word to them in a way that will help them understand.

2. Satan steals the Word away. Evil spirits may be at work to steal God=s word. In many houses there are idols that may be at work to steal the gospel. We can prayer walk in the house to bind the deceiving spirits and render them inoperative in stealing God=s word.

3. The sun may be too strong. Pray that God will hold back the persecution so that the person may not fall out of faith. Pray that the family will understand. Pray that the person may find strength in the Lord.

4.    There may be too many thorns. The distractions in a person=s life may cause him to have no time for the gospel. That is why when a person contracts a terminal disease, he is so much more willing to accept Jesus. No more distractions. That person begins to focus back on priorities.