Errors In The Quran – Introduction

Do we point out to a Muslim errors in the Quran?

We should exercise caution when we point out to a Muslim errors in the Quran. This is because it can easily turn him off and forgo your chance of continued discussions with him. It is best to bring out such topics bit-by-bit and only when you have gained his trust or friendship. We should ask the Holy Spirit to give us guidance as to when is a good time to bring up such topics.

Is it necessary to bring out errors in the Quran? Some people feel that this is only counterproductive. It is debatable but my opinion is that if the Muslim feels that his religion is so perfect, there is no need to receive yours. There must be some dissatisfaction with his religion to cause him to want to give it up and receive Jesus.

What sort of errors are most important to point out?

Western apologists can come up with many errors in the Quran that can be brought to the attention of Muslims. But we need to be selective.

If a Muslim is from a poor background, without access to historical documents, it may not be fruitful to point out historical errors in the Quran to them.

Sometimes the errors arise from a historical error when the Quran (a later source) contradicts Bible records (an earlier source). Historians generally consider the older document more authentic. Yet it would be difficult to bring this case to a Muslim who is programmed to believe that if there is any discrepancy, the Bible and not the Quran is the one in error.

Therefore, the best types of errors to bring out may be those that are evident from reading the Quran itself e.g. internal contradictions, contradictions of widely known facts, etc.

What do errors in the Quran prove?

Errors in the Quran prove that it is not the word of God. The Quran itself states that its freedom from error is proof of its divine origin. It goes to say that if we can find errors, the Quran cannot be the Word of God.

Do they not ponder on the Qur’an? Had it been from other than Allah, they would surely have found therein much discrepancy. (Sura 4:82)

[82] Maka apakah mereka tidak memperhatikan Al Qur’an? Kalau kiranya Al Qur’an itu bukan dari sisi Allah, tentulah mereka mendapat pertentangan yang banyak di dalamnya.Internal contradictions

Errors of contradiction

Historical errors
One reason why the Jews did not accept Muhammad as their prophet

Both the Jews and the Christians rejected him and his revelations. They laughed at the errors they detected in his versions of biblical stories.

Factual errors

Grammatical errors

The Quran should be in perfect Arabic

Surah 12:2. We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur’an, in order that ye may learn wisdom.

[2] Sesungguhnya Kami menurunkannya berupa Al Qur’an dengan berbahasa Arab, agar kamu memahaminya.

Since the Quran is from Allah and the Quran is in Arabic, it goes logically that the Quran has to be in perfect Arabic.